No one is fighting harder. For your animals. For you.

We understand that a farmer’s livestock is their livelihood. When their animals thrive they thrive. We’ve been developing pioneering anti-parasitics that revolutionise worm control.

Every year, we invest millions into researching and developing superior solutions. Innovative treatments that kill deadly parasites and prioritise animal wellbeing. But our efforts are going well beyond just our product range.

We’re dedicated to a #CattleFirst approach. Looking for more sustainable ways to detect, monitor and prevent disease, to tackle resistance and safeguard animal health, today and tomorrow. We’re using our knowledge to educate and equip. To evolve the conversation.

Innovation has always led the battle against parasites. Boehringer Ingelheim is a huge part of that story. And we’ll continue to be so. Joining forces with animal medicine advisors and farmers – taking the fight to the parasites, together.

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