Our Wormers

Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health, the global leader in parasiticides; an achievement that doesn’t happen overnight. We have invested over 40 years of hard work in researching, developing and manufacturing some of the most trusted range of anti-parasitic products in the world so that when your hard work is done, our products are still working to ensure that your livestock are thriving.

A Brief Product History

Ivermectin revolutionised worm control when it was introduced as IVOMEC in 1987 and, later when combined with clorsulon, IVOMEC Super became a game changer for British and Irish cattle farmers.

IVOMEC Super was the first combination endectocide to provide cattle farmers with unique benefits, including effective control of a wide range of worm species, adult stages of the liver fluke parasite, and important external parasites.

The developments didn’t end there. EPRINEX Multi Pour-On was launched in 2017 and is licensed to treat dairying sheep and goats in addition to cattle. It was developed as a line extension of EPRINEX Pour-On, which was the first eprinomectin wormer for dairy cows with a zero-milk withhold. Launched over 20 years ago, EPRINEX Pour-On is still the market-leading dairy and beef wormer in the UK and EPRINEX Multi Pour-On is now the number 1 in Ireland1.

For generations of farmers, the steerhead symbolises the products that they rely on to help manage the worm burdens in their stock.



1. Kynectec Data, April 2018